The Open Studentship Competition

The timeline for the 2023/2024 studentship competition for entry in October 2024 has now been published. Please note that documentation will follow shortly.

Prospective applicants should approach prospective supervisors at the relevant Schools and Departments at the earliest opportunity - well ahead of the deadline for the submission of a postgraduate application form in January 2024. Applicants waiting until January before approaching potential supervisors are highly unlikely to be considered for nomination to the competition. 

Prospective applicants are expected to read the full Guidance Notes, to make themselves aware of the competition process and deadlines.

The competition is open to all applicants who meet the AHRC's eligibility criteria.

We hosted two online Workshops for Applicants in October to help support prospective applicants to develop their research proposals. We are unable to offer additional workshops, so for those who were unable to attend you'll find a recording of the presentation below:


Application Workshop Slides

Please note that the video advises that already-registered PhD students must have 18 months of full-time (or 3 years of part-time study remaining) to be eligible to be considered for an award. To clarify, currently registered PhD students should note that they are eligible to be nominated only if they will have completed no more than 18 months of full-time or 36 months of part time study at the point at which they would take up the award


All internal staff based at Northern Bridge Consortium partner institutions, Subject Area Leads, prospective supervisors and Professional Services staff were invited to attend an online competition launch briefing on Wednesday 18 October 2023. Please find a link to the presentation slides below:

Open Competition Launch Presentation 18 October 2023


* Applicants must be selected for nomination by their school/department. Applicants who submit an incomplete and unsolicited Nomination Form, either direct to schools or departments or direct to the Northern Bridge Consortium, will not be considered.

Guidance for Staff and Applicants