If you are a current Northern Bridge Consortium studentship award-holder, or interested in applying for a studentship award, and you have any queries, please contact your home/prospective institution in the first instance. If you have a general enquiry, please contact

Durham University:

Newcastle University:

Northumbria University:

University of Sunderland:

Teesside University:

Queen’s University Belfast:

Ulster University:

Please note that the members of Professional Services listed above at each of the Northern Bridge Consortium institutions are not able to advise on which supervisors are suitable based on your proposed research topic. You are encouraged to visit the website of your preferred institution, consult the webpages of the relevant schools or departments for information on staff interests, then refer to the Northern Bridge Consortium website for details of the academic lead in your subject area . You should contact the academic lead with details of your research proposal.

Professional Services cannot assess your suitability for an award, or the likelihood or you receiving an award, based on your CV, research proposal, or any personal information, so please do not send this to the email addresses above. Nor can we advise you regarding the content of a particular programme or course of study. Applicants must take responsibility for sending documentation to the appropriate academic lead and contacting the relevant schools or departments for details of their available programmes.

We can advise you on your eligibility for an award.