"The Story Hunters"

The article "The Story Hunters" (words by Sarah Roller) appears in the Winter 2023 edition of Historic House magazine, pages 54-57, and examines how Collaborative Doctoral Awards are 'one of the ways in which Historic Houses member places support new research and train up a new generation of archivists, historians, and heritage professionals.' 

Craig Thomas is a Northern Bridge Consortium studentship award-holder and PhD researcher at Newcastle University, whose work with the Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust is featured in the article. The project, "Peer Power: Scotland and northern England under the 5th and 6th dukes of Buccleuch, c.1820-c.1914," (supervised by Professor Annie Tindley, also featured in the article), constructs the first industrial history of the estates; examining the evolution of trade unionism and its relation to the customary paternalism of the aristocracy and constructing a revisionist understanding of the landed aristocracy during the rise of British capitalism after the Enlightenment.

Craig describes his CDA as a 'life-changing experience,' granting him access to Buccleuch's collections. The article goes on to say, 'It gave him the chance to work, and establish meaningful relationships, with the local community as he presented his research to them and learnt from them in return.' 

Craig will be joining the Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust as a member of staff later this year.

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