Makkin Ulster

"Makkin Ulster" - a series to celebrate the talented craftspeople of Ulster and explore how their passions intertwine with the traditions and culture of Ulster-Scots, is presented by Northern-Bridge award-holder Deborah White. 

Deborah is one of only two remaining damask weavers left in Ulster and is exceptionally knowledgeable about Ulster's creative past and present. Her passion for the work and respect for the heritage that has inspired our artists and craftspeople, make her the ideal person to take the audience on this journey to discover Ulster's creative spirit.

This series will gain intimate access to the studios and workshops of Ulster's most talented and creative craftspeople - covering everything from woodwork to ceramics and jewellery-making to hand loom weaving. We will get a unique insight into the artistry and techniques that have established Ulster's makers around the world and find out how their work and fields of expertise have been influenced and inspired by the traditions and culture of Ulster-Scots.

You can view films of the artisanal craftspeople Deborah interviewed on YouTube here.

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